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Searching for a new LED bulb for your bedroom? Check out our range of bedroom LED bulbs. We stock an extensive variety of bulbs, including filament bulbs, E27 bulbs, B22 bulbs, E14 bulbs and B15 bulbs. We offer bulbs with wattages between 3.5W and 13W. We stock dimmable bulbs. Dimmable bulbs are an effective way to increase ambience and promote better sleep. Try dimming the light before going to bed if you’re finding it hard to sleep. Our bedroom LED collection features golf Ball bulbs, candle bulbs, opal bulbs and more. Some of our bedroom LED bulbs feature filaments. 

We’re proud to stock lightbulbs from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, including V-Tac, Phillips, Wiz and Megaman. Order your bedroom LED bulb today, or contact us to find out more. All of our bulbs feature a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty.

With plenty of styles available, you can be sure to find the perfect LED bulb for your bedroom

At LED Made Easy, we understand just how important lighting is. If used effectively, it can add dimension to a room and create atmosphere, depth and height. Choosing the right luminosity is crucial. If you’re struggling to sleep, try using a lightbulb with lower brightness. For LED bulbs, unlike incandescent bulbs, wattage is no longer a reliable measurement of brightness. Instead, look out for the lumen output. A bulb with a lumen output of around 800 provides enough light to read by, but promotes a calming atmosphere, making getting to sleep easier. Soft white bulbs, with a colour temperature of between 2700K to 3000K emit a warm light, which is more gentle and less likely to disrupt sleep than bulbs with a higher colour temperature.

We offer lightbulbs in a variety of different shapes. Try choosing a golf ball-shaped bulb for a subtle, minimalist effect. These smaller bulbs are perfect for hanging and standing lamps. candle-shaped bulbs, meanwhile, are elegant and attractive and are often fitted within chandeliers. For a decorative touch, we recommend installing a filament bulb. These bulbs exude an industrial, contemporary vibe, and look great when fitted in an open lamp.

Looking for more control? Order an LED bulb from the 4Lite Wiz collection. 4Lite Wiz is a smart LED lighting manufacturer, specialising in Wi-Fi LED products. These innovative bulbs allow the user to control the ambience of a room. Use an app to transition between lighting colour and temperature. Smart bulbs from this collection can be dimmed at the touch of a button.

As a leading LED specialist, you can trust us to provide quality products

At LED Made Easy, customer satisfaction is our first priority. All the products that we sell and the services we provide are quality approved. All bulbs in the bedroom LED collection come with a one year warranty. We offer next day delivery and free delivery on orders over £60. We’re proud to have a score of 4.6 stars on Trustpilot.

Bedroom LED Bulbs FAQ

What should I consider when choosing a lightbulb for my bedroom?

When selecting a lightbulb for your bedroom, consideration of light colour and lumen output is crucial. We recommend choosing a bulb with a moderately low brightness level, as this promotes better quality sleep. Try choosing a lightbulb with a higher colour temperature. A temperature of 3000K or less provides a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Why should I choose an LED bulb?

LED bulbs have a higher energy efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs. They have improved environmental performance and a longer lifespan. LED bulbs may last for a decade before requiring replacement.

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