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Having the right lights in your kitchen is so important. Studies have found it is the place that most of us spend up to three years of our entire lives! On average we spend 72 minutes a day in the kitchen, so lighting is key.

The ideal kitchen lighting can take various forms; for example, you may want to use led light bulbs in your main ceiling light, or alternatively, you want to use spotlights throughout your area to illuminate every nook in a pleasing manner. Whatever the case may be, our team of lighting professionals at LED Made Easy are here to assist you in choosing the best option possible when it comes to lighting your home.

Because lighting has such a large impact on the look and feel of your house, it's crucial to evaluate, whether you want cool or warm white in your space, as well as what would complement your interior and design.

The Benefits of Choosing LED Lights For Your Kitchen

There are numerous advantages to using LED lights, particularly in your kitchen, as it is clearly one of the areas where the most electricity is consumed, with the lights being used continuously throughout the day by all members of your household. LEDs are energy efficient and, more crucially, energy saving, so they will save you money, have a lower environmental impact, and still provide a brilliant light in your kitchen.
It is so important to consider the wattage you are after when it comes to choosing your light fittings, some of our bulbs focus on giving you a pleasant ‘daytime light’ which is perfect for using throughout the day if your kitchen perhaps doesn’t have a window or it is facing away from the sun and doesn’t get much light in it throughout the day.

Whereas if your kitchen has a range of lighting throughout the day it may be better that you choose a ‘dimmable light’ as it gives you the power to choose how much light you need in the room throughout the day and not be restricted to one certain level of light when it might not be necessary.


Are LEDs Good For Kitchens?

Yes. It is the best choice that you can go for as they will not only give you the highest quality light but as well as this they have the incredible energy efficiency and can be highly cost effective.

Is Cool White or Daylight Better For Kitchens?

Cool White is the perfect choice for most kitchens as it will give you that brightness that is desired however it won’t make your space look overly clinical by being too white. However, depending on your style of kitchen, if you have woods and more earthy tones, consider a warmer light in your home lighting to compliment it.

What Kind Of Lighting Is Best For Kitchens?

A general light in the center of the kitchen may be for ambience or use that alone if your kitchen compliments it. However, if you have a bigger kitchen, consider also installing spotlights on potentially darker spots to make sure it is lit perfectly in every desired space.

How Many Downlights Should Be in a Kitchen Ceiling?

One recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. There are so many benefits to having spotlights in your kitchen as they focus their beam in a certain direction meaning they add a sense of depth to the room and highlight key objects.

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