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Smart Energy

There are a number of benefits to having a smart thermostat because of its ability to learn a households pattern and how the people living there operate throughout the day. It learns how to adjust your heating and cooling according to when it knows that the home is occupied, empty or is soon going to be occupied. 

The Netatmo Smart Modulating Thermostat Pro is designed to provide a smart energy solution that allows you to use your home to compensate for your lifestyle.

You Can Control Your Heating Remotely

There are many benefits to having this ability. From your smartphone or tablet, you are able to download an app that gives you the ability to control your thermostat from anywhere and make sure that you are not using heating and energy when you don’t need to.

Our Smart Thermostat Learns About Your Home

The Auto-Adapt feature learns about the tenants of a home and when they are home throughout the day so it can know when to turn the heating on or off depending on the weather and the heating characteristics of your home.

Thanks to OpenTherm technology, the Modulating Thermostat changes the temperature of the water in your heating circuit. The aim of this is to guarantee the right temperature at the right time.


Is It Worth Getting a Smart Thermostat?

Yes. It can save you hundreds of pounds throughout the year in your household and is a worry-free system that can give users peace of mind. For a smart thermostat to work properly it requires the tenants to be out of the property for a good amount of time each day to learn the behaviour of the house.

Do Smart Thermostats Work Without Wifi?

The thermostat does not entirely depend on Wifi so it can function without it; however the functionality will be limited in controlling the temperature settings as it is mainly done through an app.

Does a Smart Thermostat Save Energy?

Yes. They can take your energy savings to a whole new level and completely transform your bills each month. They are a must for every homeowner.

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