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Switches & Sockets

Having the right switches and sockets can completely transform every room. They are often overlooked when it comes to interior design but often they can be the most important element.

From Classic White to Vogue Matt Black, we have a range of stylish and affordable options for you to choose from. At LED Made Easy, our focus is to provide our customers with a range of options that will suit any home and that are great for any domestic application.

Choosing The Right Light Switches For Your Home

Because light switches are continuously used and touched by a variety of hands throughout the day, their design may begin to deteriorate or stop working properly over time. Light switches can last up to 20 years in most cases, although this can vary depending on how often they are used and how worn down they become.
Varilight is a major manufacturer of dimmer switches, decorative switches, and sockets, and we are delighted to carry their products. Vogue Matt Black light switches exude style and elegance, elevating any home's interior decor to the next level.

Our Plug Sockets Are Well-Made And Affordable

With technology at the centre of everything we do, it's critical to ensure that you have the right number of plug sockets and that they're all working effectively.
We have a selection of switched sockets available for you to choose from. The switch adds an added degree of protection; without it, the plug connects to the power source right away, whereas with a switched socket, there is a barrier between it and the power source.


Do Switches and Sockets Have To Match?

Yes, they should be coordinated with the rest of the interior. Because switches and sockets are such an important element of any home, it's crucial that they don't stick out in an unfavourable way. Consider matching them to a recurring silver theme in your decor, or get plain white if you want them to blend in.

How Many Plug Sockets Should You Have Per Room?

This is determined by the size of the room. It's crucial to think about how many people will be in the house and where the furniture will be situated so that it complements that and reduces the need for wires to be visible.

What is a 4 Gang Switch?

A four-way switch is used to control lighting from three or more locations in your house. They are used in conjunction with three-way switches to control other lights. Commonly, they are used for outdoor lighting, garages and in hallways.

How Do You Decide Where To Put Plug Sockets in a Bedroom?

In a bedroom, allow for a socket to be put in the corner of a bedroom for electrical items such as TV, computers, lamps and other electrical items such as chargers. Or alternatively, if you have a dressing table or a desk then be sure to have the plug sockets to accommodate for that.

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