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Wiz Smart LED

Our WiZ Smart Lighting collection is easy to integrate into most homes thanks to its diverse range of smart bulbs, fittings and light strips. Smart lighting made simple - just plug, pair and play. With Wiz’s diverse range of light settings, you can improve the way you work, feel, and enjoy your everyday environment. Discover the convenience of smart lighting and upgrade your existing lights with Wi-Fi enabled LED Smart Bulbs from WiZ.

Smart Light Bulbs Are The Way Forward

Smart light bulbs refer to LED bulbs that can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. As home technology evolves, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for many households, and with so many features available - such as scheduling, advanced home security, night lighting, and energy savings - it's easy to see why.

WiZ smart light bulbs provide all of the functionality of a standard light bulb, plus some additional hi-tech capabilities for added convenience and customisation. With WiZ, you can easily customise your lighting based on your tastes and daily routine. The free, simple-to-use WiZ app allows you to control your lighting from anywhere. Users have total control and can create the perfect home setting with just a single command. Shift your illumination throughout the day by automating the lights based on your routine.

Whether you choose to manage your lighting via Wi-Fi, mobile data networks, remote control, or your existing wall switches, Wiz technology gives you complete control over all of your lights. Simply install the compatible app on your smartphone or tablet to have access to a host of new capabilities for smarter-than-ever operation.

WiZ's high-quality technology makes its lighting products an excellent yet affordable smart lighting solution. Invest in smart lighting today.

WiZ Smart LED FAQs

Can I use my voice to control WiZ Smart light bulbs?

Yes. WiX Smart now enables voice control via Alexa and Google Home. All you need is the WiZ app, which allows you to control your lighting from anywhere in your home using your smartphone.

How long do WiZ Light Bulbs last?

WiZ LEDs are fully dimmable and energy-efficient, with a 25,000-hour lifespan. Based on three hours of usage every day, that equates to 18 years of life. This is why LED lights outperform traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs: they use up to 80% less energy and can drastically reduce energy expenditures.

Can you use WiZ lights without Wi-Fi?

Yes. Because most WiFi smart bulbs have backup Bluetooth technology, your lights will continue to function even if your WiFi or internet connection is disrupted. WZz Lights can function even in the absence of an internet connection because the WiZmote, once paired in the WiZ app, runs WiZ lights locally without the need for an internet connection.

How to use WiZ Smart light bulbs

WiZ lights are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via the WiZ app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, the WiZmote remote control, or the WiZclick function on your standard power switch.

Begin by launching the WiZ app on your smartphone. Then, press ‘Add Room’ and select room type. After that, give the room a name and hit the save button. Select light as the device type when you tap ‘Add a Device’. The smart light will then be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device. When prompted, enter your Wi-Fi password and then press Continue.

What are the benefits of using smart light bulbs?

Using smart light bulbs has several advantages. One of the most beneficial features smart light bulbs pose is their ability to be dimmed without dimmer switches. Simply insert a dimmable smart bulb into your fitting and adjust the brightness using the bulb's app. Some smart bulbs also have scheduling features that allow you to control your lights even while you're not at home. This is an excellent home security precaution since it creates the impression that someone is at home even when they are not.

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